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Living Life as a Sacred Practice is the author’s response to many years of trying to learn various methods of unifying mind, body, and spirit. She has captured the essence of life and greatness in this book with the inclusion of many practices to develop spiritual mastery. The approach requires choosing a theme from the table of contents that resonates with the reader or that the reader needs to work on. Examples of suggested sections are Abundance, Sacred Feminine, Beauty, Life, Light, Breath Consciousness, Healing, Wellness, and Inside Out. The process begins with reflecting on a quotation, reading a commentary, and reciting an affirmation. This can be repeated throughout the day to reinforce the message. You may choose a practice for twenty-one to thirty days to achieve spiritual transformation, or just use the suggested one that comes along with the quote for inspiration. The commentaries are unique, thoughtful, and out of this world. It teaches the reader to be an original thinker and to look at life from the vantage point of a creator, not as an object of creation.